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and it’s closer than you think

You know the feeling: a promotional vacation advertisement that makes it look like a getaway. Then you find the place crawling with people, corporate-sponsored everything, the same mad rush you thought you were escaping away from. Well, this isn’t one of those places.

a thousand miles of shoreline which we are guessing equals quite a bit of water

whatever you come for, you will end up outside

The heart of Valley County beats in the outdoors.  As the gateway to the unique Sandhills region, Valley County includes well-sprung water features and an abundance of wildlife.  Whether you are looking for the solitude of a fishing on a serene lake or the excitement of a hunt.  The area’s superb camping facilities offer the opportunity to commune with nature in the fresh, clean air you expect from the Great American Plains area.  Water sports is what brings most to the area.  Choices range from tanking with friends in a large feed tank down a slow meandering river to exciting rapid running in a canoe to superb sport fishing on large reservoirs, such as Calamus or Davis Creek.  Any outdoor adventure you seek can be found in the North Loup Valley.

relive history, don’t just read about it

The history of westward migration lives well in Valley County.  The area boasts a classic example of a late-1800s era army post in Fort Hartsuff.  At the refurbished fort, you can engage with recreations of history in a unique way.  The area also features  another unique feature in the Happy Jack Chalk Mine, one of only two of its kind and the only still open to the public.  This “chalk” was mined for a variety of building projects and later as a paint additive.  To enjoy the best of the area, follow the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway, a nationally-recognized scenic route through Nebraska that features the area as the Plains natives might have experienced it before settlers moved in.

you might just find a festival

Central Nebraska loves to celebrate their heritage.  Whether it is their cultural heritage or a primary crop from the area, Valley County memorializes it.  In late summer, popcorn harvests begin and it is celebrated with North Loup Popcorn Days.  The weekend festival includes polka dances, parades, tractor pulls and, of course, free popcorn for all.  ExtraORDinary Days features a carnival, music, food and more as area residents welcome you to experience all the town has to offer.  If your interests include treasure hunting, a visit in August must be accompanied by a tour through Junk Jaunt, 300 miles of tag sales along the beautiful Loup Rivers Scenic Byway.

stock up and rest up for your adventure

Throughout the Noth Loup Valley, you can find the shopping excursion you are looking for when in a small-town.  Unique boutiques or dollar-store deals abound.  Also, find the outdoor outfitters you need for all your adventures.  For places to stay at night you can choose from a night under the stars in a campground, a low-key motel stay or a full-featured bed and breakfast.  Speaking of food, every town in the county has a special place to fill up.  A home-cooked comfort meal, a quick bite or a taste of serenity and wine.  All can be found through the area.

gateway to the West starts here

All of the excitement of the West starts in Valley County.  The gateway to the ecologically unique Nebraska Sandhills, we are close within 160 miles of Nebraska’s largest cities.  A short drive to recharge and experience the beauty of the natural wonders of the state.


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